How do I create a content template?

To create a content template from an existing page:

  1. [modify] the page which contains the content from which you want to make a template.
  2. At the bottom of the editor, click on [source].
  3. Type [Ctrl-A]. This will select all the source code for the page content.
  4. Type [Ctrl-C]. This will copy all the source code to the clipboard.
  5. In the top navigation, click on [Settings]
  6. In the left hand navigation, click on [Content Templates].
  7. Click [Add a Content Template].
  8. At the bottom of the editor, click on [source].
  9. Type [Ctrl-A]. This will select any existing source code in the editor.
  10. Type [Ctrl-V]. This will paste the source code from the original page into the editor.
  11. Give your template a name.
  12. Click [Submit].
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